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American Mideast Research, is proud to have exclusively published two books by The Former Egyptian Chief of Staff, General Saad El Shazly, who led his forces across the Suez Canal, to overpower Israeli lines, and capture the once impregnable Bar Lev line.

The Crossing Of The Suez is an inside look by The Egyptian Chief of Staff, at events leading up to and including the 1973 Arab Israeli war.

The book gives a day to day account of the war, the capture of The Bar Lev line, the subsequent split between the political and military leadership, and the aftermath of the Israeli penetration through Egyptian lines.

The Crossing of the Suez Canal has been praised by the international press as thought provoking necessary reading. See Book Reviews...

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The Arab Military option is a penetrating some time shocking analysis, of the future balance of power in The Middle East. General Shazly, examines the present and future military capabilities of Israel and the Arab Countries, and analyses them in relation to the historic, political and economic conditions that shape them.

He contends that the Arabs can negotiate a just settlement, only form a position of strength, and explains why political options are not viable, unless backed by Arab military capability.

Shazly demonstrates, that The Arabs possess the elements necessary to achieve such a goal, and maintains that the balance of power is tilting against Israel despite the appearance to contrary.

Shazly's discussion includes both the weaknesses and strengths in Israel, and the Arab world. He examines super power politics and interests... what action, for example, The US might take if faced with a simultaneous war in Europe and Israel and what role the rapid deployment force might play?

Shazly concludes by saying. "In demonstrating that The Arab military option is possible, I do not contend that it is necessarily the preferable option, nor that it is the only option. But I do insist that it must never be excluded as a possible option....
If political resolution of the dispute with Israel is to get any where, the military option must march beside it.

The Arabs must understand that it is idle to believe they can persuade Israel to give up in negotiation, what they cannot compel Israel to cede in battle".

Shazly objectively documents his analysis with internationally recognized sources and includes, over fifty tables and charts. Although this book was first published in  1986, it is still considered an important source on The Arab-Israeli conflict.

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